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Morocco travel excursions it a tour company since 10 ten years ago dedicated to organize tailor-made trips throughout all wonderful cities in Morocco. We offer you expert guides of the area speaking a bakage of languages, and experiences in unique places, always accompanied  specialists and true connoisseurs of the environment.

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as we are an old company we had passing handreds of clients and we know that money doesn´t ancomparable with service.
our tours is a golden ideas for whoever wants to travel and for whoever wants to explore a new way of life.
our cars are comfortable, new and all have an official license for tourism garanted by the goverment of Morocco, and thus have an insurance which extends to our travelers as well.

My Desert Experience


Sahara desert is a full area and empty space, and at the same time hostile and fertile, warm and cold, calm and stormy.and very wide, I loved it, I was adopted by it, I tried to conquer it but always i can't. Many times I wanted to run away but it always kept me in it's soul. May I invite you to share my experience with you the desert and my love towards it in an increidible tour to the Moroccan Sahara desert? share with you Saharan culture that had never end, Admire the high dunes, 50 km away from Algeria borders listen to the silence, feel it, feel its energy. You have the desert in yourself in the best possible conditions. let's do it on an unforgettable Excursion. My magical Morocco Sahara desert tours bear the fruits of my knowledge of the desert. Take a break and live a moments of life with us live the nomad’s life and the ancient trading caravans with the last children of the desert live a moroccan adventure taking you to see the wonders of Merzouga with a magic of care and keep you safe.

here you can choose your type tour depended to your budget.
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